Creating & Editing Web Accounts
Web Accounts enable users to access the Web Software and manage parts of the key system such as Objects, Users or view system's History

Creating a Web Account

1. Proceed to the User's Page

1. Select the user for which you want to create a Web Account from the list on the left-hand side

3. Once the user is selected, click on the Software Access tab 

4. Tick the Allow Software Access box and create credentials for the user. 

5. In the Application Access section, specify privileges for the user. 

ecos webman2 - This option sets privileges for the main Web Software
ecos reserve - This option sets privileges for the Reservation Module (Select only If applicable) 
ecos alarms - This option sets privileges for the Alarms Module (Select only if applicable)

Disclaimer: For maximum privileges please select Admin, not Superadmin

6. In the Select cabinet section tick which cabinet/cabinets you want the user to be able to manage. 

Ticking a system will allow the user to manage its Users, Objects and view its History

7. Once you are happy with your choices, hit the Save button!

8. Wait for the confirmation that the data has been saved 

9. Done!

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